Parenting Can Be Crazy Hard and Messy
Each time you lose it with your kid, you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are letting them down somehow… 
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Peace Power Parenting helps stressed parents turn the messy day-to-day challenges into positive, teachable moments so they can have more smiles and snuggles and know their kid is going to turn out just fine.
Let me be clear: I am in no way, shape or form a perfect parent! In fact, it is my messiness and failures that led me to all of these insights and tools… and I’m still practicing all of the skills and insights I share in this program, as I go. The awesome thing is, regardless of whether we knock it out of the park on that first try or if we have an imperfect moment, we always have the opportunity to handle the next moment skillfully, with grace… and every mistake we make is an opportunity to show our kids how to handle mistakes, something they will certainly have plenty of opportunities to navigate themselves… so it really is all good, all beautiful
Each moment is a moment to love, a moment to be grateful for, a moment to cherish, even the messy ones.

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Pamela Gold

Mom of 2, Yale Grad, Best Selling Author, Inner Strength Coach
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Parenting Secret #1
How To Stay Calm No Matter The Mess Of The Moment
Parenting Secret #2
How To Go From Stress And Struggles To Smiles And Snuggles
Parenting Secret #3
How To Turn The Messy Moments Into Healthy Learning Opportunities
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